5 healthy ways to start your day

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast such as: Oatmeal with fruit or a whole grain cereal with milk.
  2. Go for a 20-30 minute walk at your nearby park. Your body needs daily exercise.
  3. Don’t drink a lot of fruit juice in the morning. Even though it might seem healthy, those juices contain a lot of sugar.
  4. Dance. Yes, I said dance. Dancing can help wake your body up, and it’s also a form of exercise.
  5. Don’t listen to blaring music. It can damage your eardrums and you do not want that, right?



Planting Your Garden

You’ll need:

The seeds you want (such as: peppers, cucumbers, lettuce), an appropriate-sized gardening space, tomato stakes (for tomatoes), trellises (for cucumbers or peas, ect.) a shovel, garden soil, other gardening supplies that I didn’t think of 😉

  1. upturn the land that you will be planting on or lay special garden-ready soil.
  2. take your shovel and dig — inch holes, according to the seed packet. plant seeds.
  3. repeat step two until the desirable amount of seeds are planted.
  4. cover up holes.
  5. water very well. little plants need lots of water, but, make sure you don’t over-water.
  6. have fun watching your plants grow!
  7. harvest late summer to fall, according to package.